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As part of building the MeetKai Virtual Assistant, we developed a large suite of technology that we are looking to apply with different touch points. Our first “out of app” initiative is to introduce our conversational search capabilities in the -1 screen.

In iOS and Android, if you swipe all the way to the “left” on your phone, you arrive at the -1 screen. While GMS, iOS, and HMS (the three largest mobile OS) have different specific implementation patterns, the goals are all the same: provide users with quick value without the overhead of a full app. This lines up very well with our initiative to roll out conversational search to a much larger audience than just a VA app. We were inspired heavily by the user experience of “widgets” in the iOS -1 screen and you can see a bit below about what we think is particularly interesting.

Work began in mid August to roll out our capabilities into the -1 screen across a few different domains and regions. We elected to first deploy on the HAG (HMS) due to the way quick apps are integrated into the platform. In EMUI, the -1 screen is largely powered by quick apps (built in what mostly looks like a HW fork of Weex). With a quick app, no user installation would be required to enable users to start experiencing domains that MK provides. We have focused on providing two forms of “touch points”. The first is what HW calls an “App Ability”, effectively these are just deep links seeded with parameters intelligently.

The second is what are called “Card Abilities”. These are much closer to widgets on iOS in that they are quick apps (an RPK on EMUI) that is seeded with some initial data to render to the user in real time. We broke down the initial domains below:








The excels files can be viewed at:

Because we really want this product to be a demonstration of our backend capabilities rather than app or OS specific functionality, we have elected to do our development and roadmap in the public space rather than under wraps. We want to encourage comments early from our alpha testers to get a feel for what they think would be interesting to include. Furthermore, we plan to open source a lot of these “quick apps” and “abilities” that we build to encourage other companies to use our conversational search API. Take a look at the below documents and let us know what you think!