You can see our full roadmap as well as give feedback and suggest new ideas by clicking: HERE

MeetKai is currently in a very early tech preview (version 0.7.X). While there is a long road to a 1.0, I wanted to provide an overview of what to expect.

Version 0.7.X (today)

MeetKai Preview (Android) is currently available for preview in select regions on both Google Play, our website, and on the AppGallery. This version is intended to start testing our capabilities in search and personalization. It is not intended to be considered a replacement for a default assistant. Instead we really wanted to see if people clicked with the idea of multi-turn search. The current version has 3 domains that are considered preview and then many others still in very beta or alpha status.

The 3 primary domains are:


  • Currently we monitor over 100 different streaming providers (a provider such as Netflix is considered a different in different regions) for content.
  • We monitor ratings and reviews from users across a few dozen sites
  • We monitor popularity of content by tracking social media sentiment
  • In total we have over 150,000 items in our catalog


  • We have over 50,000 recipes in our database covering a number of cuisines. We index similar sites as DuckDuckGo and Google.
  • We track sentiment of recipes to determine what is popular or easy to make


  • We have over 1 million restaurants and are quickly adding more regions. You can see a heat map of where we support here:
  • We monitor reviews and sentiment of different menu items across a number of platforms (similarly to how Google does it).
  • Feel free to leave a comment here or on our roadmap if you want us to prioritize a region!

We have focused support on English, but there is also support in the app (very early) for Spanish, French, and Chinese. Our framework is multi-lingual by design so if you want us to prioritize a new language, please give us feedback on our roadmap.

Version 0.8.X (August)

In Version 0.8 we plan to roll out the Knowledge domain as well as our new OOD framework. The goal of the knowledge domain is to be able to answer questions like those you would ask of Siri Knowledge (or Wolfram Alpha). The OOD framework is a key element to enable us to classify if a user question pertains to one of our individual domains or is more suited towards general knowledge. I will be writing a separate post on our work for Knowledge as we get closer. Additionally, we plan to promote a number of existing domains from Beta/Alpha to Preview. We also have some ideas for new domains on the radar, so expect to hear about those soon as well. Finally we are planing on pushing iOS into beta.

Version 0.9.X (August/September)

Version 0.9 is intended to be where we roll out the last of our risky features (in the sense of the bug surface area). To that end this build may actually be less stable than 0.8 at times, however that is a fine line we will walk as we roll out experimental features like the below:

  • Foldables: We think foldables are going to be a very powerful new form of UX on Android.
  • Speech: In version 0.9.X we plan to roll out on-device speech recognition to the majority of our target platforms, We are still planning a rollout strategy so this is very much in flux -- please comment on the roadmap if you have requests.
  • New Languages: We are planning on rolling out support for German, our target is to have capabilities roughly in line with where Spanish is in 0.8.
  • Default Assistant: We want to make sure that MeetKai can replace your phone’s default system assistant. This means that everything you can ask X you should be able to ask Kai instead.
  • More Knowledge: drastically expanded number of facts
  • New domains: We are planning to expand our selection of alpha domains (more info here soon)
  • New Regions: We plan to substantially increase the number of regions we support (more info here soon)
  • Promoted Domains: our goal is to solidify our launch domains for version 1 (more info here soon)
  • Expand OOD coverage: We are going to extend OOD coverage to make sure that we don’t exhibit undefined behavior upon getting undefined input

Version 1.0 (September and on...)

Version 1.0 is very much a moving target. This list is likely to be expanded over time, but some initial goals are below:

  • Stability: Our plan is to ensure that we achieve stability at all costs. To this end, if we need to cut features from 0.9 and put them behind a feature flag...then so be it.
  • iOS: We plan to roll out our app on iOS for release within the United States. Stay tuned for a post on what we are planning to do on iOS.